in buses: you see double, triple, quadruple???

February 8, 2008

Boarding Laguna-bound bus in Alabang makes you feel the ‘air’ of the province. I felt this when I boarded the bus at 2pm in Alabang. The bus was sluggish and slow trying to make the bus full by stopping at points where passengers were waiting. And while the bus was at it, these vendors step up and sings.

Haha, of course, not literally ‘singing’. They’re more of yelling the products they’re holding or yelling with a tone unique for those who live in Laguna, most specifically in Sta. Cruz where their accent or tone is similar to singing.

Ponkan… Ponkan… matamis, sariwa… Ponkan…
Itlog ng pugo… itlog ng pugo…
Chicharon bulacan Chicharon malutong…
Mani mani mani mani mani…
Nilagang mani, bagong luto, nilagang mani…
Mineral water, ma’m, sir? Mineral water
Minute burger, minute burger kayo dyan…
Buko pie buko pie buko pie, pang pasalubong, mainit pa, buko pie (when we arrive in Calamba)

And what’s funny is there were so many vendors stepping up the bus and yelling the same product that sometimes I thought, hey, this is the same person as earlier! Or was I seeing double? lol It’s like a marketplace where everybody is competing with the same product they’re selling.

And it was definitely noisy, of course. It’s like being in a marketplace except that you’re in a bus sitting. It could be annoying at times when you want some peace and quiet and there they go with their business.

Some vendors are quite persistent since even though there are passengers standing in the bus, they squeeze in and still promote their products. Hehe. That greatly annoys me. 😛 But that’s what they live for, so I can’t quite blame them.

The sights and adventures of going home. 😛


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