Post-Apocalyptica: Dragon Head

March 16, 2008

I’m really thankful I dropped by National Bookstore and saw a manga sale!! Php75 for each manga.

Anyway thanks to that sale, I found this manga entitled Dragon Head.


Summary: Aoki Teru and his class are finally going home after a school trip in a train bound to Tokyo, when suddenly the train derailed, knocking everyone out. When Teru finally came to, a sight of Hell greets him. Every one of his classmates are dead with the train a complete mess. Desperate to stay alive, Teru searched for other survivors and saw two. Together they will struggle to live in the tunnel and search for a way out where a post-apocalyptic Japan greet them.

Ok, back to my rant. I bought two volumes, volume one and three (because they’re the only two I found).  I read both in one night. I was alone in my room and it was really quiet in the boarding house. Those factors made reading Dragon Head REALLY SCARY.

I tell you, the story is really scary. Imagine yourself trapped in a claustrophobic room with the dead around you. Worse, those dead people are your classmates, friends, and teachers. You don’t have any communication to the outside world and you don’t even know if your family is still alive. And when you get out of that hellhole, you find another Hell outside.


Marvel at the dead bodies, yeh, yeh.

And I quote from the third volume (just to spur your curiosity):

Teru: “What’s going on…? Are both my watches broken? It should be noon right now… why is it so dark…?”

Ako: “Isn’t it… because it’s nighttime…? It’s night, right? There’s the moon.”

Teru: “Moon…? Is that the moon? Could it be…”


Nyahahha. That’s no spoiler. Go read the manga. Here are the links to leech off:
(Requires log in. Register if you don’t have an account. It’s uber free.
(Requires log in too. Register if you don’t have an account. It’s ALSO uber free.)

Of course, it can also be leeched through #lurk.

Gogogogogogogo download!


One Response to “Post-Apocalyptica: Dragon Head”

  1. Joanna E. Says:

    Awesome manga. A must-read for people who love post-apocalyptic stories. 🙂

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