rich people

April 18, 2008

These people who are rich who want to act rich – their auras are simply suffocating. Unfortunately these people crawl in Alabang (like a disease), especially in Alabang Town Center where rich kids and families from Ayala Alabang live.

You’ll know who these arrogant people are just from how they look, act, and speak. Ah, it’s so irritating just to think about it again. >___<

I was in Makati Supermarket nearing 9PM on queue for the cashier. In front of me were these two mothers, I presume, who has a little boy on tow. The little boy was really quiet but the two mums were constantly talking.

First thing I noticed from them is their eyes. They have these sleepy pair of eyes which has an eyeliner and a mascara. It’s like they purposefully put it so they could look down on other people so effectively that they would feel so powerful. It has this ‘Doña’ effect that made them look even more annoying. lol

Well at first I wouldn’t really care about how they looked – at first they looked like normal people to me with a cart filled with a lot of junk foods and food. Annoyance crawled in when they started showing their ‘rich’ personalities.

This one mother was constantly talking to her friend and ignoring her son. The son even pushed the big cart towards me which his mum stopped a while later and then turned her attention again to her friend. She seemed not to care about his son, who was obviously trying to seek attention from her. The boy then continued his attention-seeking by pounding on his chocolates but the mum was saying ‘stop that, we’ll pay for it later’ or ‘stop it, ____’ or calling his son’s name is a really bland, bored, voice, which seemed like she was just saying it for the heck of it. Her son wasn’t listening, of course. What the hell, is she even a mother?

It reminded me of a dog trainer training his pet how to sit, roll over, and play dead. ‘Doggy, sit. Doggy, roll over. Doggy, play dead’ – like that.

There was no affection whatsoever with the mum. I jumped to the conclusion that this boy has a nanny waiting at home, and this mother only has social parties to care for. Anyway.

The food they bought was another. As they started putting the groceries on the table, I noticed a lot of junk foods, softdrinks, chocolates… Yes, indulgence. Giving their children whatever they wanted. There were not even a trace of healthy food. And this mum was constantly looking at my grocery basket which has three items: Gardenia chocolate bread, kit kat choco bar, and sachets of shampoos. I thought, what, you want to pay for this too?

It was really close to closing time so the cashier told the last person on the queue that he was the last customer to be served. The guy didn’t hear it, and wow, this mum pulled off a really annoying (REALLY REALLY) stint – she repeated what the cashier said in a mataray, loud voice. It had a tone that said ‘that was it, you stupid guy, didn’t you hear it?’

That’s when my annoyance fully kicked in. I mean, what the hell, the guy didn’t even do anything
to you, what’s your right to raise your voice at him like that? It got into my nerves that I started shaking my head at the lady who apparently didn’t notice.

The display of arrogance. What are these rich people’s right to look down at other people and treat them like crap? They have no right whatsoever.

I thought that these rich people who probably were born rich in this world have no care in this world. We are currently in a food crisis which they probably don’t feel a bit. Perhaps if the fuel price hikes up, they wouldn’t be at the least concerned. These rich people annoy me the most. They don’t have a bit of empathy for those who don’t have it all.

They should just go drown themselves in Pasig river. They have no use for this world.

Haha, yes, this is what boredom does to me. And my being solitary. I think about a lot of useless things and observe endlessly.  XD


2 Responses to “rich people”

  1. acp Says:

    It’s good that you blogged about this people. They’re not only in Alabang they’re all over the country. I felt the same way you do about them.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Think about it, you didn’t do anything about it too so how can you complain about the man not telling her off.

    The next time you experience something like this, don’t just rant about it, TAKE ACTION.

    Btw, not all rich people are like this.

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