nobuta wo produce

May 10, 2008

Nobuta wo Produce/
Producing Nobuta

From the photo, you might say, ‘what, another school drama again??’ or ‘what, a potential hana kimi sequel?’ or ‘YAMAPIIII’ (hahah). Yes, this is a school drama like any other popular series such as Hana Kimi, Gokusen, GTO, or Hana Yori Dango. I thought of that first when I watched the first episode. I really thought it was crap at first but I continued to watch more and more until I finish. What separates this drama from others is the depth that it shows derived from a simple theme: friendship.

Summary: Kotani Nobuko is a new transfer student in a school where popular Kiritani Shuuji and weirdo Kusano Akira study. Nobuko’s strange personality that depicts certain horror films such as The Ring or The Grudge made her an instant target of kebai bullies who made her life a living hell. From boredom or whatnot, Kusano Akira partnered with Kiritani Shuuji to ‘produce’ Nobuko as Nobuta – the popular girl. Through their efforts of making Nobuta popular, they formed an irreplaceable friendship and in the process, grew up.


One of the unique things in this series is its great characterization that integrates great realism that makes the drama draw you in more. Even the other characters has their strong characterization that after only one episode of seeing them, it sticks into your mind.

Kiritani Shuuji acted by Kamenashi Kazuya: Yes, he’s from Kat-tun, the yucky boyband. Anyway, as I’ve mentioned in the summary, he’s the stereotypical popular guy who everybody loves – even the bullies obey since he’s just that cool. He has a girlfriend who is another popular and cute girl. However, his being popular is just a front so that he would have a memorable high school life. Everything that he tells his friends and even his girlfriend are lies that he conveniently made. The series shows his thoughts which contradicts his actions and words.

When he is with Nobuta and Akira, he is more natural and just like a regular guy who likes fooling around. He gets annoyed by Akira; he gets angry with both of them, and laughs with them.

Personally, his acting is impressive. He’s not the usual cool handsome guy posing as a mysterious guy who rarely talks and is always surrounded by fangirls HAHAHA. Nope. He’s a cool guy who has cynical thoughts. His expressions tell a lot – even his poker face. When he laughs, I feel that he meant it. And when he feel so down that he feels like crying, the expression is too genuine that it gets into you.

Kusano Akira acted by Yamashita Tomohisa: Yesh, my favorite character. Most of the comedy in the drama is courtesy of this guy. He’s the guy who likes to mind his own business, a loner, but a weird, crazy guy. He’s an idiot as well, going around school telling expired stories that he thinks is still cool. He laughs with this annoying laugh with matching claps. He goes down the stairs while flapping his hands like a gay guy. He has these weird words and actions. He doesn’t care about the world so he does what he likes to do. What the hell, this character is too outta this world but you could think that yes, there are people like this around. His character is still realistic.

However idiotic he is, he shows his mature personality and level-headedness. His words, when serious, are always rational and intelligent. He understands other people and sees through them. Ironically, he is one of the people in the series that shows real selflessness in friendship.

Kotani Nobuko acted by Horikita Maki: Probably we’ve all seen her act in Hana Kimi as the jolly boy-slash-girl but her character here is the entire opposite. She hangs her head down, slouched, while walking and she has slits for eyes. She has little confidence, low self-esteem, and she is used to being bullied. But then she finds Akira and Shuuji, who slowly transforms her. She is another character who comes out with unexpected tricks that will move and touch you. Her character changed Shuuji and Akira, but more on Shuuji.

I’ve always thought Maki is cute. Her acting in this series is great as well.

There are other characters such as The Truth Man who pesters you to tell him the truth. If you don’t tell him the truth, then something bad will happen. LMAO. There’s the crazy Vice Principal who says great things but she’s crazy at the same time.

Script, filming, soundtrack, and EVERYTHING ELSE

I honestly thought that the scriptwriters are geniuses. Every episode has a theme and every character in the series builds up this theme by the events that happen around them and how they respond to it. The scriptwriters turned around the cliche of friendship and made it into something unique and more meaningful. It seemed to revolve around the cliche ‘friends will always understand youuuuuu’ or ‘friends will always believe youuuu’, which I don’t always see in any school drama. Normally, betrayed friends would ignore their friends for some time, but in this drama, friends will try to understand each other as much as they can. It’s very touching.

The soundtrack is another thing. It’s awesome that even my mum who overheard the background music started humming it. HAHAHAHA!! Yep, Yoshihiro Ike is a great composer. You could download the OST here:

In terms of filming, the director of photography is another genius. Like this scene from episode 4:

The series plays with yellow light, sunset, and uses it as natural lighting. There’s another trick that tones down the light in the classroom and focuses the spotlight on certain characters.


Now I feel like I’m writing a Literature report. lol This J-drama is really good hence why I wrote such a long review about it. Please, please watch it. I would gladly burn you a data CD with all 10 episodes so you could just watch it. It’s really worth my time. There are no SAPPY scenes that would make you scream ‘GAAAAHD SO CORNY!!!’, but you could cry from happiness. Compared to other school dramas that made you cry, this one would make you cry from your spirit being lifted. You might find yourself thinking ‘I want friends like that’ after watching some episodes. It would’ve been perfect if they removed the supernatural things that made me scratch my head.

I rate this 10 out of 10. Yeaaaaabaaaa. ^____^ Go watch.


9 Responses to “nobuta wo produce”

  1. laora Says:

    YESS YESS YESS. TOTALLY AGREE, I LOVED IT!!! *wants a sequel*

  2. Basoom Says:

    thaaaaaanx 4 the report ;P

    but do u know where i can get it from ?

  3. You can get the DVD from play asia o yes and the cd too, the complete serie…i just know where you can find it with spanish subs, and requires pando. But you can watch nobuta with excelent quality, if you don´t know spanish just translate the subs with a program. And more easy you should search in google writting Nobuta wo produce download, or something like this. I search the dorama in spanish because it´s more comfortable to a person who knows spanish, anyway first i found nobuta in english this is so easy. Try it.

  4. Daniel Says:

    Yes, i really loved the drama. Although my friends call me names for watching this drama, and I love it with a passion. The ending is wonderful too but some of my friends are quick to disagree. They believe it is a sad and that i enjoy suffering or something to that effect. After i finished i re-watched it. Now i would love to read a translated version of the novel it was based on……I really doubt that it will be translated and brought to the U.S. So until i finish my Japanese, ill have to wait……that is if i learn how to read it too.Well anyways, awesome review, It was very well written.

  5. xtin Says:

    waah!! nobuta wo produce is the best!!

  6. zefa Says:

    cool… i hope i can get such a great friendship like them (nobuta, shuji and akira)
    All of them are so inspired..

  7. kerusi Says:

    I just finished this it was AWESOME. Except a bit disappointed with the ending but I think it’s my favorite Jdrama.

  8. […] title ng palabas na iyon ay 野ブタ。をプロデュース, Nobuta. wo Purodyūsu (The Makeover) . Hangga’t maaari ayoko banggitin yung title kasi ang corny talaga sa pandinig […]

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