that stupid APO song makes me want to kill

July 27, 2008

I’m writing this because my cousin recommended that I blog about this.

Lately I feel that the wrinkles between my eyebrows are deepening since I’ve become easily pissed off whenever some jologs treat me like some celebrity. (just typing this made me subconsciously grit my teeth)

Some elaboration – they say hi, they wave, in other words they’re PAMPAM. Nagpapapansin.

And I’m not even celebrity material. The heck, I don’t even dress girly or sexy!

Well too bad they’re trying to get the wrong attention – instead of me taking notice of them and waving back or striking a conversation, I instead want to bash their jaws, break their neck, shoot them with a gun, slice them into half, throw a large rock at them to cause concussion, and even more. I guess they’re good at making me exercise my imagination, but of course, in an entirely negative way.

There’s this jologs tricycle driver guy in the Alabang village where I board who, for some reason, always sing that damned APO song which starts with ‘Nakasimangot ka naman palagi’ – he sings that line everyday when he sees me every morning and EVEN AT NIGHT when I pass by.

And he does it without fail. I really wanted to take the option of picking up a rock and throwing it at him in full force or punching him in the face repeatedly until his teeth falls out. I even imagined shooting him with a gun just to shut him up – SERIOUSLY. I want to seriously kill him.

I even curse everyday from hearing his damned voice and I rarely curse in my whole lifetime. I want to say it again now, TANGINA TALAGA!

But then again if I give him the attention he wants – even the negative attention – he might be even satisfied. Shit, so what do I do now?

He’s not the only jologs creep who I’ve encountered that treated me like some kind of a celebrity – or even an item in the supermarket. Just yesterday in South Supermarket in Bay, Laguna, there was this effin creep who crept past me and said ‘hi’ and I even had a whiff of his nauseating cologne. I looked around since I might know who greeted me but there the fuck he is, waving at me.


I know that I shouldn’t really take this seriously, but I’m really offended. What do they see me as, an effin whore who’ll wave back, be flattered at the attention and strike up a conversation, go with them on a date? OF COURSE NOT! Who would even think it’s a great way to meet people when first of all, they act as a creep by just wanting to take my attention? I don’t even know them, and I DON’T want to know them.

In that village as well, there are these people from the squatters area who greet me with ‘Hi, cute’ when I pass by. They’re too close that I want to pack a large rock, get it from the bag, and then bash it on their head til I’m satisfied.

In short, I’m not really flattered when guys do this. No proper guy would even do a creepy thing like that to take my attentiion. If I had a gun, I’d probably in jail right now. I really want to kill those creeps.



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