Globe Tattoo on Eee PC 701 4G

March 12, 2009

Microsoft Windows doesn’t have to rule your life – even when the OS requirement of a certain gadget doesn’t state Linux, don’t believe it.


Globe Tattoo, the rebranded version of Globe Visibility, is offered to Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. But netbook users using Linux Xandros won’t have to worry anymore – it’s just a matter of updating your Xandros’ system in order to use Globe Tattoo. No need to install Microsoft Windows.



The kit contains a USB extension cord, the USB modem, and the prepaid sim.







Globe Tattoo uses Huawei E160. It has been established that Huawei E220 works on Xandros. Huawei E160 needs an updated version of your system for it to work. For those Eee PC 701 users who haven’t updated anything in their netbook, now is a good time to update your system’s BIOS.


Eee PC’s creators haven’t provided an update to its software or its BIOS for a long time, so installing it would give support to various gadgets such, as, of course, the USB Modem Huawei E160.


Using Easy Mode:


Go to the Settings tab, then click on the Add/Remove Software icon.


In the window, go to the Settings tab again and look for the Bios entry. Click update. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.


If you don’t see the Bios entry, it means that your system is updated to the lated Bios settings.


It only takes that for the USB modem to be recognized in your Linux Xandros. However, when you plug the Globe Tattoo in your netbook, don’t expect it to pop out instantly. To ensure that the modem is really connected, go to control panel and go to hardware information, and pick hardware detection. Go to modem and you’ll see two entries:


Hua wei E160 1

Hua wei E160 2


They’re the same, and you know now that Xandros detects your USB modem.


Next step is to create a new connection in your network connections window.




Select any of the two Hua wei entries and click next.


You’ll then pick your service provider, which you’ll choose, of course, Globe.


For the address, if you purchased prepaid, type in instead of the typed entry:


Pick Globe WEB, not WAP.


I normally turn off the wireless detection device when I’m connecting to Globe. As you plug in your Globe Tattoo, wait for a few moments and connect to the network connection you configured.


And voila, you’re ready to surf the net!


20 Responses to “Globe Tattoo on Eee PC 701 4G”

  1. meg Says:

    My friend, geek is chic. Congrats with your new toy!

  2. Bendz Says:


    How was your experience with Globe?

    Planning to grab one after I found out that Smart Bro is not working. I found it out the hard way though. After hours of trying to figure out the necessary commands to do it and failed, I decided to sell it to a colleague.

    Anticipating a reply

  3. benz Says:

    thanks i needed that

  4. jaguar Says:

    Dude, I have an EE PC laptop using Windows XP SP2. I can’t install Huawei USB modem. I am having the error “the required section is not found in the INF”. What could be the problem? Please help.

    Tnx… Jaguar

  5. MyGlobePh Says:

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  6. ria Says:

    i followed what you said here but have not been able to connect using globe.

    what do you write under username and password after typing what about the number? do you type the number of your globe sim?

    and is it really detected as a dial-up connection?


  7. MyGlobePh Says:

    Do you love TATTOO as much as we do?

    Then it’s time you join our HOT summer contest!

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    What are you waiting for?

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  8. gkd Says:

    Not much of a difference bet-ween my present domicile and the Philippines; ergo, digital permeability’s gotta b hit for a six in the face of less than the best network connectivity. Methinks, the ZTE models with external antennae score over the Huawei’s.

  9. rokie rafols Says:

    I just have installed a linux mint 7 in my pc. And the problem is i can not install the Globe tattoo in my linux OS.
    What do you think shall i do?

  10. lezette Says:

    @rokie rafols
    This tutorial is for Eee PC Xandros OS. For Linux Mint 7, I don’t think it has the support for the Hua wei’s driver. So in short, this is not the proper place to ask that question. Try searching it in Google, you might find solution to your question.

    You have to ask your globe provider for that. I can’t answer your question as of now since I don’t have my Eee PC at the moment. I’ll get back to you asap.

  11. verdict Says:

    I cant install globe tatto on my mac os. it requires me to update JRE.

  12. Yudi Bagus Says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

  13. ibm2100 Says:

    See my blog post at for the step-by-step procedure on using Globe Tattoo on Linux Mint 9

  14. nice Says:

    i have also xandros os linux …

    the thing is i use the earlier model of smart`s usb huwei modem .

    but i still cant connect to internet.

    when i use either globe sun or smart sim on smart`s usb modem the three operator operator still appears nevertheles.

    but when i use globe`s usb modem using the three sim nothing appears at the wizard.

    my problem is … i always gets a

    “no carrier message ”

    something like this “ATDT,*99#”, no carrier”

    can u help me on this ?

  15. nice Says:

    i really want to connect to internet using xandros not xp.

    thanks in advanced.

  16. nice Says:

    someone in the eeeuser forum tells that it`s probably in the resolvconf or something.

    up to now i`m still learning what it is.

    i just read the manpages but still can`t figure it out.

  17. nice Says:

    i think u mean:

    when prepaid use – “”

    when postpaid use – “”

    i think this might solve the problem.

    but if not i think it`s in the bios.

  18. nice Says:

    i`m looking forward for your reply.

    btw some tips:

    the original xandros stock have some virus that xav cannot detect.

    luckily as i have upgraded my system, it was removed by a linux antivirus tool.

    but i still think there are still undetected ones.

  19. nice Says:

    i go for 5 km just to find some hotspot and surf.

    i`m looking forward for your reply as wifi is the only connection that i can do to connect to the internet.

    • lezette Says:

      hi, I used the very first asus eee pc 701 4g equipped with xandros and the first thing I did was update the bios – from the easy mode. if you haven’t done this yet, I advice you to do this first as installing the modem without the bios update will be fruitless. the bios that came with my netbook didn’t have the “driver” for the huawei modem. hope this helps. and sorry for the late reply.

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