Rafael Nadal in Thailand Open

July 27, 2010

Nadal fangirls and boys in Southeast Asia may finally have the chance to see the Spanish tennis player in the flesh. PTT Thailand Open announces that the El Matador has signed up for the tournament, along with Argentinian Juan Martin del Potro and Chilean Fernando Gonzalez. The three tennis stars promise to set up a stellar stage in the tournament, with the Wimbledon champion, 2009 US Open champion, and Olympic champion present in the draw.

Moreover, the appearance of the two players will provide Thailand a boost in tourism as the country is still struggling to fully recover from the Red Shirts uprising. The tournament is set to happen on September 25 to October 3, after the US Open 2010 (August 30 to September 12).

If I had the money, I would book a flight right now through Cebu Pacific Air. Haha

Despite having a history of injuries, Nadal is geared to play his best tennis in the Southeast Asian country, stating: “I am looking forward to playing the Thailand Open on my return from injury. I really enjoyed myself on my last visit to Bangkok and hope for good results at this year’s tournament.”

While Nadal is riding the peak of his career (again), Roger Federer is trying to get back on his usual game by working with American coach Paul Annacone. The United States coach has worked with Tim Henman and Pete Sampras before. (Source)

Federer writes in his website: “I’ve been looking to add someone to my team, and I’ve decided to spend some days with Paul Annacone.”


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