Norwegian Wood (movie)

March 22, 2011

I just recently got a copy of the movie adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood” novel. Being a huge fan of Murakami, I’ve read the novel three times already – am not sure, maybe more than that number – and I love it. I love how Murakami built Toru Watanabe’s character – intelligent, witty, respectful, loyal, and sexually charged at the same time. The flow of the story is beautiful but sad at the same time. Grief, isolation, and longing seem to be the prelaving theme of the book.

So when I heard of the news that it was going to be turned to a movie, I was excited but when I heard that Kenichi Matsuyama will play the part of Toru I went, weh, since I only knew his acting as L in Death Note, which is… not that good.

I was envisioning a more intelligent and mature-looking character like Tamaki Hiroshi or someone… I’m not too familiar with Japanese actors teehee

Anyway, being an avid Murakami fan, I have high expectations from this film. I have yet to watch the whole movie and give a decent review but from the 30+ minutes of watching the movie, my comments are:

  • Very nice direction of photography, each shot is well directed
  • As with most Japanese films, there are not much conversations
  • Nagasawa seem to be wrongly portrayed – I imagined him as a fun-loving, very friendly person (in the first part of the book), but in the film he was a bit arrogant and aggressive. Plus he was introduced way to early in the film. Hmm
  • Naoko fits perfectly for her role, I think.


I’ll definitely watch this over the weekend and give a better review. How about you, what did you think of the movie?


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