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in the process of moving

September 5, 2011

Hi all, I’ve just realized the power of Blogger and adsense (cheeky smile) and I’m moving my posts to this URL:

Don’t be shocked if you see my posts in another site. The move is primarily due to this blog being a personal blog and I want the site to be more tech and entertainment focused, so there you go. I’ll probably write here from time to time, as I admit – I still like the wordpress CMS better than Blogger’s. 😉











the bane of my existence

March 14, 2008

Smoke, pollution, dust, dirty carpets

They’re the bane of my existence.

For two weeks now I’ve been slowing down the symptoms of first, sore throat, then, my cold, then now, my coughs.

Then today I’m experiencing a familiar feeling that I’ve experienced months before. I’m coughing again like mad, my nose is clogged, and my hearing is going bad again. Earlier at work I thought I’d cough my brains out, good thing I didn’t.

I think I’ve bronchitis again. Will confirm tomorrow when I consult the doctor.

Funny that I have to experience again the reason why I decided to board a house near work. Because I was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis, I boarded a house and now it comes to this.

But then again the city is a rotten one. Fucking smoke belchers hound the roads everyday. Smokers pile up every nook of buildings in the corporate city where I work. They’re everywhere that I can’t even BREATHE clean air.

In the office earlier I can’t breathe because of the carpet. And to add to my coughs, the cleaner did her usual job of sweeping the carpeted floor. Oh, mercy.

I was dying. Thank God.

When I arrived here in the province, I could actually breathe. For real. The air here feels better. When I lie down, it doesn’t feel like I’m suffocating. My room in the frigging boarding house suffocates me like a room without windows.

Before I tried to sleep today I remembered the line in Hannibal Rising when the war criminals listened to Mischa’s back and said:

“It’s pneumonia. She doesn’t have much to live.”

Hope I won’t come to that.

Proposed solutions for filtering out all the shits of the city:

  1. Put filter on the nose to inhale air and filter the bad #(#($(#**%*^@ air.
  2. Beat all smokers in buses into a nice sticky pulp.
  3. Scream when someone smokes near me.
  4. Murder housemates who smoke in the comfort room.
  5. Burn 7/11’s cigarette display.
  6. Burn 7/11 itself.
  7. Strangle jeepney drives who smoke, steal a strand of hair, and buy a voodoo doll.
  8. Buy sniper rifle and shoot at jeepneys that belch smoke.
  9. Buy a gas mask and withdraw from society (NOT!)
  10. Throw acid at people who blow smoke at my face.


Fuck the world. It’s killing me.

I’m like earth and the bane of my existence global warming. Teehee

this week has been too long

February 17, 2008

… but I didn’t really miss home – for some strange reason.

But always, I look forward to the weekend for exercise!

My family and I have been going to the sports complex in Marymount to play badminton. The place has a relatively huge building with four badminton courts, gym, billiards table, and a swimming pool. We’ve been doing it regularly every Sunday morning for some time now. It’s a good thing since I don’t get any exercise during weekdays.

So after a long week with two days of bloody e-services 2008 event management (where I got sick on the second day with lbm and vomiting), weekend finally came and it’s uber nice.

We’re not really badminton freaks for a long time, but ever since my mum decided to play badminton to get some regular exercise to burn cholesterol and other stuffs that oldies get, we became involved in the game and eventually liked it.

We already have four good branded badminton rackets which are quite expensive. Which is funny, since my parents are not really fond of spending much on most things. We have two Carlton, one Yonex, and a Dunlop racket.

We’re not really at par with the veteran players since we aren’t really trained in the game. For me, I just learned from high school and college (which didn’t teach us much on right posture, blah blah). My parents learned from peers and badminton instructors in Baker hall, my brother is just athletic, and my sister learned from us.

Am also improving bit by bit and learning some techniques by copying them and from watching the veteran players play. It really feels good. I don’t know if there’s a badminton complex in Alabang, but if there is, I’d probably go there and play for some nights. XD

Next week am planning to swim since when I looked earlier, the water is already clear. The week after last when I swam there, the water was terrible. There were floating powdered chemical, as well as other dirt, leaves, and even dead insects. Just disgusting lol.

Meh, am bored with typing this post. lol

going backwards (warning: incoherent post)

January 5, 2008

I always find myself pushing away the people around me.
I’ve been keeping myself locked away, unable to express myself.

For a long time I don’t know the meaning of being happy. I only experienced it this Christmas vacation when I found myself too free, too relaxed. I would never have to worry about anything.

I thought of how I was back then. How did I act? Was I always like this? I don’t think so. I was happy. I’m not these days.

I just proved that I get very depressed before I have my ‘girl thing’. XD HAHAHA I was laughing my head off earlier then now it’s like this. Also probably it’s because I miss my friends TOO frigging much! Arrrrrgghhh take note, I’m still alive! Let’s meet up sometime.

Anyway there are still little things that makes me happy. Candy apples, for instance. They’re so YUMMY. Can’t get enough of these stuffs…

Aaaaahhh it’s so yummy. Fresh apple, caramel, chocolate, then sprinkles. The bland juicy taste of the apple gets mixed with the sweetness of the caramel and the chocolate. The taste is unbelievably awesome. I can’t even forget how I ate it. Hehe ^-^;; The last pieces I ate were from the fridge so they snapped like crackers when I bit it. Then the caramel gets chewy along with the chocolate. They mixed with the juicy flavor of the apple. As Ryuuk said it, MMM JUICY!

If all apples are like this… Heehee I’d gladly eat them everyday. (That’s why I’m getting fat by the day – my jeans won’t even fit me anymore boohoo)

Anyway since it’s the new year, I’d like to recount the shits that happened the past year…

The start of 2007 is the start of prepping up for graduation. DEVC 180 campaign was the most major subject I had in that semester. For our seminar subject, it was just a matter of making a presentation on my thesis since I already finished my study the last semester. I didn’t really feel stressed that month, since I really enjoyed it. Add HUM 160 and NASC 7, which hit my favorite subjects – literature and animals. >__<

It was a fun semester mainly because I spent it with my friends. I remember, I always go to the NASC building early to meet one of my closest friends there. We’ll just talk like we were still in high school while waiting for my professor to go in the classroom. Fun times.

Then there was DEVC 180 where we had an all-girls team to campaign for something. XD It was all photoshop for me – making designs for tarpaulins, shirts, bookmarks, banner, buttons… err, ID… Haha it was fun.

Then suddenly graduation… It went by really fast. I mean REALLY fast. I didn’t even feel anything when I was handed the ‘folder’ which supposedly holds the diploma. I just knew it was another transition in life.

Then, bumming around. I get to be closer to mD people and even made a scanlation group – mD-xD where I devoted my time. It was fun to make a website, develop forums, make images for banners… I get to learn a lot of stuffs – even CMS. It was bonding moments with my sister since it was her summer vacation as well.

I get to attend some job fairs and apply to some companies in Manila – where I turned down two companies (SPi and EBAR). Heehee

And then I came to work in Laguna Water District for a month. I don’t even want to tell the details. All I remember was I always came home crying with irrational reasons which seemed funny now but really serious for me back then.

Resignation was tendered early August. I transitioned into a bum again, searching for jobs in the Internet, then finding a home-based part-time job where I wrote senseless articles (16 of them) and got paid Php2k+. I experienced writing nonsense tips and instructions for senseless stuffs (i.e. how to search for a job in the Internet).

I applied to jobs again and found myself constantly depressed. Sometimes I’d just sit on a corner of the house, alone, and weep endlessly. I’d go out to give resumes, walking alone feeling ashamed of myself when I show myself to people I know then lock myself up in the house again. I was on the border of insanity and sanity which was really hard. I was being TOO bitter about my decision and my mind wouldn’t let me rest.

Then I got interviewed by the company that I’m working in right now. I was really persistent and followed up on what happened with my application. Haha, I really bugged my supervisors well… Then they hired me.

Then I lost weight, having to go home to Laguna everyday then commuting to Alabang every single morning. It went on for more than a month, then I decided to board a house. After my birthday, I already lived in Alabang, near the office.

Then I experienced stress that I’ve never felt before. Back then, when I feel stressed, I could unwind by just being with my family. But since I was away, I felt so alone, and then the stress would hit me badly. It made me so tired…

So now it’s the new year. Same old thing.

I think I’ve ranted enough. That’s all. I warned you, it’s really incoherent! Haha.. >___>

staying at home means EATING

December 30, 2007

After dinner. I open the fridge. What to eat? I get the tupperware with the macaroni salad and get a large serving. Sat on the bean bag, turned on the TV and DVD, popped in CSI Las Vegas and ate while watching. On the middle of the episode, I found my plate empty. I get some more.

Morning, breakfast, 9AM. I stir my usual coffee and look for anything to eat. Ah, rolls. I sliced a good helping and munched on. Mmm, yummy. I’ll have some more. In the end I took three slices.

Lunch. Mum prepared lunch for us, as always. Eat, eat, eat. Mmm, nice. What’s for dessert? Opened the fridge, saw the leche flan. Dug in. Yum, almost ate quarter of the oblong platter.

After lunch, I sit down in front of the PC to bum.

In the middle of the afternoon, I feel like something’s missing. HMMMM, I NEED SOMETHING TO CHEW ON! Went back to the fridge to look for something to eat. Hmm, I think I’ll go with these chocolates my sister “hid” on the fridge.

Dinner. My mum cooked again. I lazily went off to dinner dizzy from using the computer all day. Yumyum, eat again. Looked the fridge for some dessert.

“What dessert can I eat that’s not macaroni salad or leche flan??”
“May ube dyan, yung inorder ko,” Mami yelled back.

I got a spoon and dug on. YUM. Almost emptied the circular container.


That means more food!!!

…I don’t get hungry here at home >__<

LIES~~!! (and the wonders of PR firms)

December 15, 2007

Back in college, I had huge admiration toward reporters in daily publications especially the first tier publications. I regard them with respect and admiration for the articles that I thought they came up with themselves. I imagined it tough to rack up your brains to come up with a single story like what our instructors in college made us do. Even if you have a specific beat or issue to work on, there are a LOT of used and unused ideas you have to browse through in order to come up with a concept that you can claim as yours.

And then I came to work in a Public Relations firm and damn, what the hell? These reporters who I held high regard with, I discovered, are just SPOON-FED!

Not just spoon-fed, they’re pampered, they’re demanding, and always, the stories come to them in a nice silver platter. All they have is to cover an event, interview some people, and write their story. Sometimes, they just edit some paragraphs of a press release written by somebody else and claim it as theirs.

I’ve actually written plenty of press releases (not a lot though) which already came out in publications. And true enough, some of them have bylines of other people, just because they edited some paragraphs or paraphrased some sentences.  It didn’t hurt much, since we met the goal of having our press releases published. Makes the client happy, and the PR firm’s reputation to rise.

An example is how we invite the media to join a certain event of a client. First we send out fax, e-mail, and hardcopy of the invites to the reporters personally. Then later, we follow  up with the media by calling them up. This step is quite tiring since we have to resend some invites since they haven’t received any. We confirm attendees, and then go to the event itself with the press kit with tons of information to give them. As the media comes in, we make them feel at ease and relaxed since if they need anything, we could help them anytime. If they need to interview someone from the event, we arrange it with the client and off they go. If they need photos, we have a camera, we’ll just send them an e-mail. If they need an article, we could just send them one.

No sweat, they have a topic to work on as soon as they receive the invitation. A little research and reading from the press kit we give them, and they could easily write an article. We could even follow up with them through phone if they even need anything from us. They could even slam the phone at us because they know they’re the important people and we’re just their slaves (this happened to me and other things). They could even call us and ask for an article and even gives us a deadline when we could give them the write-up.

Having said all those, I could say that having Public Relations firm around help a lot in terms of getting stories published and helping certain corporations to obtain visibility. I’m not really getting bitter for being in a PR firm, since it gets fun at some point but really stressful most of the time. Being in a PR firm is very enlightening since you get to know what really happens behind the publications and how media relations help these reporters get what they could write about. (And also realize the lies they tell you at school about these reporters XD)

(these hold true to lifestyle, IT, business, and news reporters. For political news, I have no idea if what I said applies to them. Probably not)

my november (not Linkin Park sorry)

November 2, 2007

Yeah, it’s not a review of any of Linkin Park’s songs, sorry. Bleh. So I’m going to talk about my November 1st, All Saint’s Day, and for some reason, we Filipinos flock the cemeteries to honor the dead, which is supposedly done on an All Soul’s Day.

So we went to my mum’s province to go to the cemetery. I already feel bored typing this lol Here’re the pics which are what I want to post in this blog entry.


I took a photo of the tricycle driver and the view from his windshield. The pollution will really kill someone in a tricycle. My asthmatic dad already went down the tricycle to avoid dying hehehe Those two-stroke motorcycles should really be dumped into a trash bin – a big one.


I was randomly taking photos from the tricycle driver’s back. I caught this tricycle with a woman expressing what I felt back there. The smoke coming from all directions – front, back, left, right – is DISGUSTING… The traffic didn’t help at all, the smoke became a fog which we are required to inhale to survive. LOL sounds dramatic, but no it’s not.

Yeah, so the day was absolutely boring. When we went home, we ate, we watched House (Last episode of Season 2, which confused us, but my sister and I came up with a logical explanation so it’s ok lol), and played chess. Yeah, chess. Apparently my sister’s high school batch stashes all their sports equipment with my sister, so we’re lucky to have this nice large-sized chessboard.


It’s been a while since my sister and I played chess, and what I remember is us playing on a cheap chessboard and me always losing. I’m not proud of it, ok. >__>;;;


My mum knows how to use my phone camera! Yayyayyay! Hence the weird expression – she called me and took my photo. XD


Yeah that’s us. I was winning the game, mwahahaha. >__>


Turned out I won that game. ^____^ Been a while since I pwnd my sister real bad. MWAHAHHA The white pieces are mine. Though chess really made my head tired. lol XD lots of brain action! wheeee

And yeah I know this entry’s pretty useless. My November 1 is really boring… and nothing special happened so BLEH.

blessing 1: nose hair

September 14, 2007

They filter out all the bad elements in the air. They make your lungs a better place for air to inhabit. They block pollution.

Thank God for nose hair. Boo for black boogers.

Aren’t you glad of yours?

two days… yeh two days XD

September 4, 2007

Commuting to Alabang takes me one to two hours ride – that’s only one-way. In the mornings when I’m lucky, I only get to ride for an hour. Which is really not my style in terms of commuting. But I’m not complaining. For some reason, the ride makes me always excited to go home. XD And for those two days, I told myself, it’s worth working when I could go back home in the evenings. =3

I have no complaints in my first two days of work. I just noticed that pollution will really kill you since I ride a regular bus (no air conditioner) and now I feel my lungs have something in them. And I don’t even smoke, mind you.

Everything’s going well and I couldn’t wait more for the weekend. I miss my online friends and my real buddies who I talk through the net. >3<

So wordpress it is

July 19, 2007

For some reason, the cute large fonts of the titles in wordpress attracted me.  Or maybe I’m just that desperate for sanity. >__>;; (What’s the connection again?)

So yeh, I’m here in wordpress, previously from ( to (which died), to (, to (, then here. Well actually I also have a blog in my deviantART account:, but who the bloody hell cares? Hehehe

Since I started using wordpress in our website (mySQL based), I think I liked it. The organization, BLAH – it’s nice. Perhaps I’ll stick here (who knows) for life. Yet again, who knows >__>