Hana Kimi (J-Drama)

January 13, 2008

All I can say is… I LOVE LIVE YAOI!!!

Yaoi = (ya-o-ee) Stories in anime or manga which focus on male homosexuality (not necessarily erotic in nature). www.animecritic.com/resources/glossary.html

Since shows on TV made me bored and my sister and I already finished the latest season of CSI Las Vegas through the holidays, I searched for some comedy Japanese Dramas. The I found Hana Kimi!

Hana Kimi is a Japanese drama based on a completed manga with the same title. The manga was also adapted into a Taiwanese drama. It’s a story about an American-raised girl, Ashiya Mizuki, who idolized a high jumper named Sano Izumi. When Ashiya discovered his idol stopped high jumping, she went back to Japan and enrolled in an all-boys school.

AND THEN YES!!! YAOI!!! Haha… >__<

It shocked me that Shun Oguri (also star of Hana Yori Dango as Rui) turned brokeback to his co-star Ikuta Toma! The scene turned into yaoi (!!!) when Oguri got drunk over nara pickles and turned into a kiss-monster. Hehe. I can’t stop laughing  XD


Another thing that made me like Japanese drama more than Taiwanese or Korean drama is my familiarity with the language. Somehow I can’t stand the sound of Chinese or Korean. Plus, the boys are cute. Hehe  Also, the humor is really random and the funny scenes really REALLY unrealistic. But really funny though.




BPO boom = does it help?

January 12, 2008

Ever since I stepped in the van bound to Los Baños in Festival and heard three girls talking about applying to call centers and being really proud about it, I’ve been thinking, how does call centers affect our country? It helps build up the economy and generate jobs… but for who, actually?

These jobs are for everyone who has the capacity to talk fluently and deal with clients around the world or here in the country. Minimum requirements include being a high school graduate and has a strong command of the English language. But of course, even those who are overqualified who wanted to earn big bucks can apply as well. It’s pretty much open to everyone.

So then I go back to the three girls talking about applying to call centers. As I was just beside them, I heard all what they were talking, all the time holding back from visibly rolling my eyes. The two girls were applicants who went around Alabang to apply for call centers – well, mainly voice call centers. The other girl has a lot of experience with handling calls as well as non-voice correspondence with clients.

They were talking enthusiastically about where the two girls can apply. It seemed like they were having a hard time getting through a call center, even though the girl claimed some of the exams were really easy. The girl was telling her other companion to refer the two girls for them to get in for the job. If a person doesn’t know the details and listened accidentally to them, I think that person would mistake them talking about applying to non-call center jobs.

But I admit having a job at a call center and talking about it like it’s the typical skill/knowledge-based job is a normal thing. But what disturbed me was that these girls apparently came from the University of the Philippines Los Baños and recently graduated. And they were talking about applying to call centers like it’s their priority.

The girl was even bitter of not being a Development Communication student back then since she wanted to be a teacher. She said, quite spitefully, that she landed in ComArts instead. And then I thought, I have an officemate who graduated from UPLB who had a degree in Communication Arts and she’s an account manager.

Then the two girls were quite down since they didn’t pass some of the exams in the call centers. They were asking for the other girl some advice where to apply next and what to do in their next exams. The other girl was saying, once they get some experience, they’ll surely get the call center job they wanted.

Is it that hard to find a job related to your course? I know it’s one’s preference to apply as what they termed as “CSR” (customer service representatives) [which I honestly mistook as corporate social responsibility], but you have studied for four years of your life, took exams, conducted a thesis (or practicum), had your family become proud of you being a graduate from a well-known university, and then after you graduate, you decide to go and search for a call center job.

Maybe it’s one way of saving up and taking it easy. There are a lot of call center business established here in the Philippines mainly because we’re cheap in terms of salary and our English is best in Asia, so it’s easy to find one and take an exam. Compared to finding a job related to your course, yes, it’s really really tough to find one. But that doesn’t mean that the country’s running short on jobs related to everyone’s course and that all that’s left are customer service representatives post where I could assume that competition is gradually increasing since everyone flock there.

However, some see having a CSR job a ‘career’. Sure, since for long months you’ll be talking on your headset monitored by a team leader, then you move up to being a team leader where, yeah, you’ll be talking on your headset plus monitoring your team. Then, when you finally want to search new horizons, you’ll be going where? To call centers again.  It’s a never ending process where your career is based solely on a cycle which you cannot get out of, if you decide that to be your career.

I also have a housemate who took Development Communication as her course and she has been working in a huge call center in Alabang for more than two years, I think. When I told her I’m working as a writer, she said, “Ah, so you stuck on your course, huh?” Well, shouldn’t we? I don’t want to waste what I’ve learned in college.

And then I have acquaintances from college who I have high regard for. They’re the people I thought will go to greater heights. They were so proactive back in college, and now where are they? In call centers.  It’s a great mystery I still have to find out why.

I’m not making fun or looking down at call center agents, take note. I’m just flabbergasted (I like how this word sounds hehe) to see those who graduated from a four year course in good universities who choose to have a career in call centers. I thought that once you choose your first or second priority in degree and campus in high school, you have a dream you wanted to chase. I thought that once you set your goal in high school, you have a vision of yourself in the future on what you’re going to do.

It’s idealistic, but let’s be realistic and not practical. What exactly is the purpose why you studied for four years in college? For me it’s to have a good future. I want to climb the steps that would draw me to success on my career. Even though I receive shit pay, I know these hardships would pay off.

Let us not be practical and not think what is the easiest way to earn money. Don’t think what is the easiest way to get in a company. Think, what would be your future?

(I wanted to write an article more in-depth and researched, but what the heck… lol I don’t want my work to be carried to my blog writing.)  >___<

going backwards (warning: incoherent post)

January 5, 2008

I always find myself pushing away the people around me.
I’ve been keeping myself locked away, unable to express myself.

For a long time I don’t know the meaning of being happy. I only experienced it this Christmas vacation when I found myself too free, too relaxed. I would never have to worry about anything.

I thought of how I was back then. How did I act? Was I always like this? I don’t think so. I was happy. I’m not these days.

I just proved that I get very depressed before I have my ‘girl thing’. XD HAHAHA I was laughing my head off earlier then now it’s like this. Also probably it’s because I miss my friends TOO frigging much! Arrrrrgghhh take note, I’m still alive! Let’s meet up sometime.

Anyway there are still little things that makes me happy. Candy apples, for instance. They’re so YUMMY. Can’t get enough of these stuffs…

Aaaaahhh it’s so yummy. Fresh apple, caramel, chocolate, then sprinkles. The bland juicy taste of the apple gets mixed with the sweetness of the caramel and the chocolate. The taste is unbelievably awesome. I can’t even forget how I ate it. Hehe ^-^;; The last pieces I ate were from the fridge so they snapped like crackers when I bit it. Then the caramel gets chewy along with the chocolate. They mixed with the juicy flavor of the apple. As Ryuuk said it, MMM JUICY!

If all apples are like this… Heehee I’d gladly eat them everyday. (That’s why I’m getting fat by the day – my jeans won’t even fit me anymore boohoo)

Anyway since it’s the new year, I’d like to recount the shits that happened the past year…

The start of 2007 is the start of prepping up for graduation. DEVC 180 campaign was the most major subject I had in that semester. For our seminar subject, it was just a matter of making a presentation on my thesis since I already finished my study the last semester. I didn’t really feel stressed that month, since I really enjoyed it. Add HUM 160 and NASC 7, which hit my favorite subjects – literature and animals. >__<

It was a fun semester mainly because I spent it with my friends. I remember, I always go to the NASC building early to meet one of my closest friends there. We’ll just talk like we were still in high school while waiting for my professor to go in the classroom. Fun times.

Then there was DEVC 180 where we had an all-girls team to campaign for something. XD It was all photoshop for me – making designs for tarpaulins, shirts, bookmarks, banner, buttons… err, ID… Haha it was fun.

Then suddenly graduation… It went by really fast. I mean REALLY fast. I didn’t even feel anything when I was handed the ‘folder’ which supposedly holds the diploma. I just knew it was another transition in life.

Then, bumming around. I get to be closer to mD people and even made a scanlation group – mD-xD where I devoted my time. It was fun to make a website, develop forums, make images for banners… I get to learn a lot of stuffs – even CMS. It was bonding moments with my sister since it was her summer vacation as well.

I get to attend some job fairs and apply to some companies in Manila – where I turned down two companies (SPi and EBAR). Heehee

And then I came to work in Laguna Water District for a month. I don’t even want to tell the details. All I remember was I always came home crying with irrational reasons which seemed funny now but really serious for me back then.

Resignation was tendered early August. I transitioned into a bum again, searching for jobs in the Internet, then finding a home-based part-time job where I wrote senseless articles (16 of them) and got paid Php2k+. I experienced writing nonsense tips and instructions for senseless stuffs (i.e. how to search for a job in the Internet).

I applied to jobs again and found myself constantly depressed. Sometimes I’d just sit on a corner of the house, alone, and weep endlessly. I’d go out to give resumes, walking alone feeling ashamed of myself when I show myself to people I know then lock myself up in the house again. I was on the border of insanity and sanity which was really hard. I was being TOO bitter about my decision and my mind wouldn’t let me rest.

Then I got interviewed by the company that I’m working in right now. I was really persistent and followed up on what happened with my application. Haha, I really bugged my supervisors well… Then they hired me.

Then I lost weight, having to go home to Laguna everyday then commuting to Alabang every single morning. It went on for more than a month, then I decided to board a house. After my birthday, I already lived in Alabang, near the office.

Then I experienced stress that I’ve never felt before. Back then, when I feel stressed, I could unwind by just being with my family. But since I was away, I felt so alone, and then the stress would hit me badly. It made me so tired…

So now it’s the new year. Same old thing.

I think I’ve ranted enough. That’s all. I warned you, it’s really incoherent! Haha.. >___>

staying at home means EATING

December 30, 2007

After dinner. I open the fridge. What to eat? I get the tupperware with the macaroni salad and get a large serving. Sat on the bean bag, turned on the TV and DVD, popped in CSI Las Vegas and ate while watching. On the middle of the episode, I found my plate empty. I get some more.

Morning, breakfast, 9AM. I stir my usual coffee and look for anything to eat. Ah, rolls. I sliced a good helping and munched on. Mmm, yummy. I’ll have some more. In the end I took three slices.

Lunch. Mum prepared lunch for us, as always. Eat, eat, eat. Mmm, nice. What’s for dessert? Opened the fridge, saw the leche flan. Dug in. Yum, almost ate quarter of the oblong platter.

After lunch, I sit down in front of the PC to bum.

In the middle of the afternoon, I feel like something’s missing. HMMMM, I NEED SOMETHING TO CHEW ON! Went back to the fridge to look for something to eat. Hmm, I think I’ll go with these chocolates my sister “hid” on the fridge.

Dinner. My mum cooked again. I lazily went off to dinner dizzy from using the computer all day. Yumyum, eat again. Looked the fridge for some dessert.

“What dessert can I eat that’s not macaroni salad or leche flan??”
“May ube dyan, yung inorder ko,” Mami yelled back.

I got a spoon and dug on. YUM. Almost emptied the circular container.


That means more food!!!

…I don’t get hungry here at home >__<

So hapEee PC!!!

December 24, 2007

My Christmas wish is… a laptop! And somehow it became true…


I got an Asus Eee PC 4G!!! I must admit, it’s the cutest techie thing I’ve ever seen – it definitely beat my fascination with DSLRs or uber high-tech compact cameras. This laptop has all the Internet fix I need – including webcam, microphone, pidgin, and even wireless connection! The specs might not be too high-end, but it has all the essentials a high-end laptop can have. Plus, it’s easy to hack! Hehe I already have limewire running – I just need to configure some stuffs to accommodate my everyday needs.

I’m quite excited to work now since I can bring this uber small and compact laptop anywhere and use the Internet in… ehm, Wi-Fi spots in malls. So excited!!! I can chase boredom away from my dead spirit anytime now. =3 Only thing I should buy now is a portable hard drive and a portable dvd-ram for more happy dabbiness. XD

The laptop has Xandros Linux OS, which is pretty easy to use. The minimalistic feel of the graphics and icons, plus the addition of a taskbar made the interface familiar. Not too XP-ish, but more of the integration of XP and Mac, and the unique touch of Linux which has the big shortcut icons on the screen. Since I’ve had a taste of Linux before, handling Xandros OS is very easy to use.

SO HAPPEEEE!!! It really embodied the term ‘compact’ for laptops. I could just fit it into my body bag and off I go to Wi-Fi hot spots to surf. Free Internet! Haha ^^;;; Although I actually get to pay for the laptop. MEH. That means no food trips or splurges anymore T___T Boo-hoo.


But Rosey’s still happy. ^___^ All’s good.

LIES~~!! (and the wonders of PR firms)

December 15, 2007

Back in college, I had huge admiration toward reporters in daily publications especially the first tier publications. I regard them with respect and admiration for the articles that I thought they came up with themselves. I imagined it tough to rack up your brains to come up with a single story like what our instructors in college made us do. Even if you have a specific beat or issue to work on, there are a LOT of used and unused ideas you have to browse through in order to come up with a concept that you can claim as yours.

And then I came to work in a Public Relations firm and damn, what the hell? These reporters who I held high regard with, I discovered, are just SPOON-FED!

Not just spoon-fed, they’re pampered, they’re demanding, and always, the stories come to them in a nice silver platter. All they have is to cover an event, interview some people, and write their story. Sometimes, they just edit some paragraphs of a press release written by somebody else and claim it as theirs.

I’ve actually written plenty of press releases (not a lot though) which already came out in publications. And true enough, some of them have bylines of other people, just because they edited some paragraphs or paraphrased some sentences.  It didn’t hurt much, since we met the goal of having our press releases published. Makes the client happy, and the PR firm’s reputation to rise.

An example is how we invite the media to join a certain event of a client. First we send out fax, e-mail, and hardcopy of the invites to the reporters personally. Then later, we follow  up with the media by calling them up. This step is quite tiring since we have to resend some invites since they haven’t received any. We confirm attendees, and then go to the event itself with the press kit with tons of information to give them. As the media comes in, we make them feel at ease and relaxed since if they need anything, we could help them anytime. If they need to interview someone from the event, we arrange it with the client and off they go. If they need photos, we have a camera, we’ll just send them an e-mail. If they need an article, we could just send them one.

No sweat, they have a topic to work on as soon as they receive the invitation. A little research and reading from the press kit we give them, and they could easily write an article. We could even follow up with them through phone if they even need anything from us. They could even slam the phone at us because they know they’re the important people and we’re just their slaves (this happened to me and other things). They could even call us and ask for an article and even gives us a deadline when we could give them the write-up.

Having said all those, I could say that having Public Relations firm around help a lot in terms of getting stories published and helping certain corporations to obtain visibility. I’m not really getting bitter for being in a PR firm, since it gets fun at some point but really stressful most of the time. Being in a PR firm is very enlightening since you get to know what really happens behind the publications and how media relations help these reporters get what they could write about. (And also realize the lies they tell you at school about these reporters XD)

(these hold true to lifestyle, IT, business, and news reporters. For political news, I have no idea if what I said applies to them. Probably not)

poetic creative juices (and other things)

November 30, 2007

Creative poetic blabber

Living in Alabang every week and being splurged with the urban landscape and lifestyle, I found my creative poetic juices flowing out. Unfortunately I either forget about it, or postpone the idea because of the lack of time (and the lack of a portable laptop).

Yesterday (Thursday), for example, it was raining quite badly when I arrived at Plaz@ B where our office is. I had my duffel bag slung on my left shoulder and a body bag on my right, and then I see these people crowding under the roof of the building – apparently most of them smoking. I’m usually annoyed to see pollution coming out from the streets as well as from the supposedly unpolluted building, so I thought:

‘Pollution coming out from all sides’

I usually had one-liners popping out of my head when I am in a creative phase then I’d write a poem or if I feel like it, a story. Unfortunately, at that time I was in a rush to get in the office as I am already 15 minutes late, and when I sit in front of my computer, all I had to do was to DO work. So no time at all.

I also had those spurs of inspiration when I see street children sleeping on the floor in the pedestrian overpass in South Station, when I am in a cab going to Makati (or Ortigas, or elsewhere, for that matter), when I am alone in my room in the boarding house, or when I walk alone and see the pollution and buildings poking out from every direction. I really have to buy a notepad.

Coup de etat

November 29, 2007 is the date that stupid Senator Trillanes set up a standoff or some called it coup de etat, which brought soldiers to smash the lobby of Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City. Damn them, the place had great food and the lobby is too divine to be smashed. I experienced my first press conference in that place, so I was rather pissed because I want to go back there for another presscon. Teehee, very selfish, eh?

Anyway the people are naturally scared and panicky. Even our two big bosses were scared and started calling their kids to see if they’re all right. They thought it was a major coup de etat in Manila, but apparently it was only a standoff in Makati. Our officemates even searched for an available radio and TV (in the end, we got a radio) and turned the radio on for us to be updated. It was quite maddening since I remember our home when there’s a typhoon and I have to work amidst the reminiscence lol.

But still, the event spurred a major terrible traffic going on in all sides. Plus the curfew that the government enabled didn’t help the panic that the people felt. That includes me as well. I got stuck in bad traffic for almost four hours when I left for Laguna at 7:30PM. Already SLEX was clogged really badly and the shortcut that the driver took didn’t even help. We arrived in Calamba, near Lianas, to see the cars stationary so much like a queue in McDonalds hehee. So we took the route to the highway and we re-entered Calamba.

The driver even scared me since he informed us that the traffic going to Los Baños will be worse since there are checkpoints. I was scared that I texted Michi that I might get caught up in the traffic and may not get to go home. But when we arrived in Real, voila, the traffic is GONE and all was left was the usual pollution and the normal traffic of Calamba.

I arrived at Los Baños nearing 11:00 PM. I originally wanted a hot fudge sundae in McDonalds but it’s closed hehe. So I settled for Ministop to eat something. I haven’t eaten dinner that time. The good thing is that I am home, and taaa-daaaa, the TV is there! I miss watching and hearing TV. Gahd.

Tired. Stressed.

For three consecutive nights, I found myself spending overtime in our office until 11-11:30PM. Monday night I had to get home past 11:00 PM and got scared out of my wits for the bums outside our village. They said some really immoral things which scared me out of my wits. So the next night when I got out of the office past 11:00 PM again, I took a cab which cost me P200 (but reimbursable by the office) and did the same on Wednesday night.

Thank God for cabs. And I realized the food in Samurai is really, really good. ^___^ Loved it so much. Like Eat-Sumo in Los Baños, but so much better.

Now I will splurge in all the sleep I can get. I’d squeeze some work during my day off for our press conference on Monday and Tuesday, then I’d sleep, sleep, sleep, and EAT!!! Unfortunately I have to do house chores though. Heehee

I’ve ranted enough and I need a bath badly. Heehee thanks for reading this (if you’ve reached this point). Toodles.

mixy mixed random ramblings

November 10, 2007

Because so many things happened in a week and I had no laptop or net connection in our boarding house in Alabang, I had to make a blog with random mixed entries so to tell what interesting things happened in my dull life. XD

11/10/07 WEEKEND!

Yay for weekends! I got a facial treatment today. And it FRIGGIN hurts that I had tears coming from my eyes and snot building on my nose. >__> Gahd I’m going to get one again. T___T It really hurt. It really really did hurt. Huhuhuhu

After that, my family and I went to church, then went to a funny restaurant called “Kultura”, which has Korean and Filipino food. Heehee it’s funny since the name of the restaurant is Filipino and they serve Korean food. Plus, the setup of the restaurant is Korean-style – low tables and pillows for chairs. It’s cool though. The food’s really spicy and yummy. My brother and I paid for the bill. Wahaha

Yeh that’s it. I’m currently reading Paulo Coelho’s ‘Veronika decides to die’ and I’m going to finish it now so I’m cutting the entry here. Tata!

my november (not Linkin Park sorry)

November 2, 2007

Yeah, it’s not a review of any of Linkin Park’s songs, sorry. Bleh. So I’m going to talk about my November 1st, All Saint’s Day, and for some reason, we Filipinos flock the cemeteries to honor the dead, which is supposedly done on an All Soul’s Day.

So we went to my mum’s province to go to the cemetery. I already feel bored typing this lol Here’re the pics which are what I want to post in this blog entry.


I took a photo of the tricycle driver and the view from his windshield. The pollution will really kill someone in a tricycle. My asthmatic dad already went down the tricycle to avoid dying hehehe Those two-stroke motorcycles should really be dumped into a trash bin – a big one.


I was randomly taking photos from the tricycle driver’s back. I caught this tricycle with a woman expressing what I felt back there. The smoke coming from all directions – front, back, left, right – is DISGUSTING… The traffic didn’t help at all, the smoke became a fog which we are required to inhale to survive. LOL sounds dramatic, but no it’s not.

Yeah, so the day was absolutely boring. When we went home, we ate, we watched House (Last episode of Season 2, which confused us, but my sister and I came up with a logical explanation so it’s ok lol), and played chess. Yeah, chess. Apparently my sister’s high school batch stashes all their sports equipment with my sister, so we’re lucky to have this nice large-sized chessboard.


It’s been a while since my sister and I played chess, and what I remember is us playing on a cheap chessboard and me always losing. I’m not proud of it, ok. >__>;;;


My mum knows how to use my phone camera! Yayyayyay! Hence the weird expression – she called me and took my photo. XD


Yeah that’s us. I was winning the game, mwahahaha. >__>


Turned out I won that game. ^____^ Been a while since I pwnd my sister real bad. MWAHAHHA The white pieces are mine. Though chess really made my head tired. lol XD lots of brain action! wheeee

And yeah I know this entry’s pretty useless. My November 1 is really boring… and nothing special happened so BLEH.

despair on the highway

October 28, 2007

With my packed and heavy duffel bag filled with clothes slung on my right shoulder and my body bag/messenger’s bag on my left, I found myself crying on the sidewalk with bent frustration while looking at the buses zooming past.

For the first time, I felt the real feeling of going back to the province.

But I didn’t cry because of some little things – nope. Two weeks ago, HM transport Inc., the bus that transports people directly to Sta. Cruz, Laguna got kicked out from their bus terminal near Muntinlupa market. They now have their terminal near Metropolis, which is goddamn too far from South Station. Since work demanded me to stay until past 7, I found myself breathing in the traffic and pollution that clouds Alabang in a daily basis. But it’s worse, since everyone who really live in the province go home on a Friday. We’re all going home, hurrah for the traffic.

So the thing is, I waited in vain near South Station for Sta.Cruz-bound buses. No HM Transport buses came, so I decided to walk all the way to Metropolis to HM’s terminal to finally go home. I walked with my heavy bag slung on my shoulder, which felt like it’s being ripped out of its socket. There were some constructions on the way, so I had to skip and step up and all the things you do when you climb a mountain, except that it was the city I was treading on.

Anyway, when I finally arrived at HM Transport’s station after a gazillion minutes, I found myself staring at NOTHING. There were NO frigging buses! The guard confirmed my fear, saying that no HM buses arrived at the terminal. So I decided to cross the bloody polluted road and waited for a Calamba-bound bus.

First bus that zoomed by had TONS of people in it that it was a reminiscent of a typical MRT/LRT train on a rush hour. So I passed that one. Second and third I think passed by so fast that I didn’t even see. I was already crying in anger and frustration and decided to board the fourth bus bound for Calamba. It was already past 8pm and I thanked God I already ate dinner.

Fourth bus finally came and I eagerly put up my hand to stop it. NAAA-DAAA, it didn’t stop! So with me shaking in anger and tears, I ran to the bus which stopped so far away and stared at the bus entrance packed with people. The conductor was saying ‘There’s still space, get in, get in!’

And I thought: How the fucking hell can I even enter with these boogers poking out of the bus entrance?

I noticed the back of the bus still isn’t packed. The conductor was ordering the people to move back, move back, darnit! The people won’t budge. When finally I lost my cool (and my timidness), I shouted in a firm voice: “CAN YOU PLEASE MOVE TO THE BACK?” And they moved, hallelujah! So I stood near the door, near the stairs of the bus, and it moved on to Calamba.

So lesson learned? Go home extra early and ride the van in Festival Mall bound to Los Baños instead.

The bus arrived in Calamba, I boarded a tricycle, then a jeepney bound to Los Baños, then I called my mum for her to pick me up, only to arrive with our car’s front left tire FLAT.

I really don’t know where I got my luck for that day.

Three unrelated people helped us, but they didn’t help much as they can’t remove the tire. We waited for my brother and dad to arrive just to know the tire still wouldn’t budge. So we went home in my brother’s Pepsi company car.

We arrived at midnight. My doggies missed me and they are frigging hungry.

I ate my microwaved lasagna from mini stop, watched Ranma 1/2 on Animax, and finally went to bed.

God, my bed feels so soft – but that’s another story.

The day just let me know that if I still go home everyday to our province, I would probably go insane with the same scenario repeating all over again everyday. So finally, I’m glad to board a house, sleep for more than eight hours, and eat like a hamster (huh?). But I’m not glad with the pollution. It’s one thing that’d kill me one day, I know. (But that’s another story once again.)