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Globe Tattoo on Eee PC 701 4G

March 12, 2009

Microsoft Windows doesn’t have to rule your life – even when the OS requirement of a certain gadget doesn’t state Linux, don’t believe it.


Globe Tattoo, the rebranded version of Globe Visibility, is offered to Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. But netbook users using Linux Xandros won’t have to worry anymore – it’s just a matter of updating your Xandros’ system in order to use Globe Tattoo. No need to install Microsoft Windows.



The kit contains a USB extension cord, the USB modem, and the prepaid sim.







Globe Tattoo uses Huawei E160. It has been established that Huawei E220 works on Xandros. Huawei E160 needs an updated version of your system for it to work. For those Eee PC 701 users who haven’t updated anything in their netbook, now is a good time to update your system’s BIOS.


Eee PC’s creators haven’t provided an update to its software or its BIOS for a long time, so installing it would give support to various gadgets such, as, of course, the USB Modem Huawei E160.


Using Easy Mode:


Go to the Settings tab, then click on the Add/Remove Software icon.


In the window, go to the Settings tab again and look for the Bios entry. Click update. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.


If you don’t see the Bios entry, it means that your system is updated to the lated Bios settings.


It only takes that for the USB modem to be recognized in your Linux Xandros. However, when you plug the Globe Tattoo in your netbook, don’t expect it to pop out instantly. To ensure that the modem is really connected, go to control panel and go to hardware information, and pick hardware detection. Go to modem and you’ll see two entries:


Hua wei E160 1

Hua wei E160 2


They’re the same, and you know now that Xandros detects your USB modem.


Next step is to create a new connection in your network connections window.




Select any of the two Hua wei entries and click next.


You’ll then pick your service provider, which you’ll choose, of course, Globe.


For the address, if you purchased prepaid, type in instead of the typed entry:


Pick Globe WEB, not WAP.


I normally turn off the wireless detection device when I’m connecting to Globe. As you plug in your Globe Tattoo, wait for a few moments and connect to the network connection you configured.


And voila, you’re ready to surf the net!