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J-Drama: Mukodono 2003

March 20, 2008

Yahoo, am here again to bring you some juicy review from the newest J-drama I’m currently watching: Mukodono 2003.


This series caught my interest in one boring afternoon when I was in search of a funny series to watch. (Which was the same thing that happened when I found Hana Kimi) Actually I thought that the guy in the thumbnail looks cute. XD

The series didn’t fail me – the guy was cute, he’s cool, and surely enough, it’s funny. ^___^

Summary: Meet Yuichiro Sakuraba, an uber popular singer/songwriter who cause millions of fangirls to worship everything about him – even his billboards. The first episode opens up showing his uber popularity with the girls screaming at his newly put up billboard as well as his new commercial that’s even shown in theaters. Japanese dramas always put the catch amid the mainstream facade. Get this: Behind the cool personality is a complete geek who acts like a 10-year old. (see photo below)


The story doesn’t focus on that twist alone, it even explored him juggling between his married life and his stardom. It’s really funny to see him acting really cool to the public then throwing a tantrum later in his branded suit and star quality appearance.

This J-Drama puts drama in its series as well. I’m only in the second episode but I’ve seen a lot of comedy, drama, and a whole pack of silliness. The drama is not cheesy as it is related to married or professional life.

Episodes: 11 (Completed)
This is actually quite an old drama. There was a first season, Mukodono, but I haven’t seen that yet. From what I’m seeing in this series, I’ll be finishing it until episode 11 then move on to the first series. Weird, I know. Haha ^^;;;

Only downside I see is that the opening is really boring. The opening song SUUUUCKS. XD