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The Phiten Phenomenon

January 23, 2009

Sometime early January, I was reading Speed magazine when I read something about an expensive Phiten Rakuwa bracelet which the description claimed that it ‘relieves pain and eases fatigue through its aqua titanium content’. After researching in the Internet, I found out that they also have a line of necklaces. And then I remembered seeing some professional badminton players wearing these accessories like Lu Lan –

And Wang Lin.
Most major league baseball players also wear Phiten Rakuwa accessories. Also include Japan major leaguers. Also professional golfers. It’s really amazing. You can think, the marketing was done so perfectly or the company has so much money they can afford all these unofficial endorsers.


I don’t really believe products that say: ‘no approved therapeutic claims’ such as, ermm, liquid chlorophyll. But for once, I wanted to try this product despite the high price tag. I’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia for x number of years and I wanted to relieve it somehow. Before I decided to purchase one of Phiten’s necklaces, I found testimonials where they said that the products really relaxed them, eased pain, and helped them sleep. Below are the links:


I don’t really understand the technology behind this, but according to, the materials used in their products went through the phild process or “the method of incorporating nano particles of silver, gold, and titanium”. Through this technology, bio-electricity in the body is stabilized, helping maintain a balanced and relaxed state. I could get the idea, but how it works I wouldn’t even try to understand.


These products originated from a Japanese chiropractor. The main aim is to relax the muscles by increasing blood circulation in the body. From seeing badminton players wear these (note: Wang Lin and Lu Lan aren’t sponsored by Phiten) and reading all the testimonials, I really wanted to try it. So two weeks ago, I bought the cheapest version of the necklace:

I admit the necklace looks nice. Of course, the necklace relaxes the back muscles, as well as the neck and head. When braided into a bracelet, it relaxes the muscles of the arm. It sounds too good to be true. Well I need to experience it for myself.

As I wore the necklace right after I bought it, I felt so relaxed I wanted to go to bed and sleep. Hehe, but I think that’s placebo effect. For the next couple of days, I don’t even know if it does have an effect. But for sure, I have been sleeping soundly for some nights (except last night when I slept for 2 hours) and I haven’t been experiencing pricking sensations on the trigger points on my back. I can easily stretch my neck as well as my back. I think also, that it has affected my flexibility. I can stretch better than before – doing hard stretches without much effort. Well, it might just be my imagination.


I still don’t really believe these products and I’m not sure I can say it’s worth the money. But as I’ve said to myself before, it won’t hurt if you try these accessories just as long as you have your 13th month pay. Hehe.

If I suddenly see Php2,000 lying around, I’d like to buy this one. It looks cool. Hehe. But I won’t be a fool to buy this with my own money. No, no, no way.