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I don’t get tired of these cartoons

February 17, 2008

I don’t really believe that all cartoons are just for kids. That goes for anime too, but that’s another matter.

I’ve four favorite cartoons that I don’t regularly watch but love watching everytime I get the chance. It always makes me laugh everytime I watch it. The silliness is awesome. Total stress reliever. Here are my favorite cartoons:

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy


My most favorite cartoon, I think. The silliness and comedy factor reach the highest level. The cartoon is basically about a grim reaper, a stupid boy named Billy, and Mandy, who’s an evil girl. The cartoon presents an irony of a grim reaper being under the control of two kids who lords over him. I never get tired of watching this cartoon, even if I watch replays. So frigging funny.

Like the episode I watched earlier: Billy suspected that Mandy ate his family. When Billy and Grimm were stalking Mandy, Billy found some bones in the trash can. Billy immediately suspected that the bones are his family’s bones. lol

Grimm: No, Billy, those are chicken bones! Trust me, I know bones!

Ahahaha lol Sometimes the episodes are entirely senseless but they’re funny nonetheless.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends


Another one of my uber favorites. I believe that the graphics are the only thing that makes this cartoon – the story can’t really cater to kids. lol The story has no moral lessons whatsoever (although I admit sometimes it hints some lessons but not really obvious) and sometimes the story even goes cynical.

Bloo and Matt are the main characters plus the rest of the imaginary friends. Each character are unique and really thought of, like Eduardo the big violet imaginary friend. He’s a scaredy cat despite looking like a huge brute guy. Hehe

One of my favorite episodes is the one with Bloo and Berry in it. Berry became in love with Bloo and she wanted to steal Bloo from Matt. The entire episode, Bloo kept calling Berry wrong names, even guy names. lmao In the end he didn’t even say the correct name XD So hilarious.

Courage the Cowardly Dog


This one is pretty funny too. It’s about a couple who lives in the middle of nowhere with a cowardly dog named Courage. Nyahha, the irony. The episodes are ‘scary’ where monsters and other horrible creatures always target the old woman. Courage always tries to rescue her, going through a lot of obstacles and finally being successful.

I like the show because of the reactions and the story itself. Plus the addition of the noisy old man makes the cartoon awesome. The phrase ‘stupid dog!’ said by the old man never gets tiresome.

Spongebob Squarepants


Ok, you’re weird if you don’t know this cartoon. The famous Ba-a-a-a-a-a laugh of Spongebob is an entertainment itself. The cartoon is senseless to the point that you can’t even try to explain the story. The silly reactions and funny situations make the cartoon so hilarious.

The stories come from something really simple like Spongebob not knowing how to tie his shoelaces. After consulting all the people he knew without results, he finally tied his shoelaces with the help of Gary, his pet snail which meows. Nyahaha


Anyway that’s it. If you want to take a breather or just relieve stress, these are the cartoons that I guarantee will give you all the happiness in the world. >____<